The Cursed Paladin: Prologue

A ship sailing from the main land of Kalriich heading to the distant shores of Aramuk has just set off. Aboard this vessel: Merchants, peasants, swords for hire, sailors, and most notably, a group of champions. While they have yet to meet one another or found a great glory in battle, they have all heard of the trouble starting to brew in the mountains of Aramuk and have struck out to find it. Among this ship there are whispers of a legend. Upon the Vherall Sea there have been many ships that have been lost on this same passage, swallowed whole by the water. Some say that an ancient beast lays claim to this stretch of sea, while others are convinced that a murderous band of undead pirates look eagerly for their next victim, and fewer still that believe it is the hand of a fearful god looking for champions.The truth may never be known, for no ship that has been lost has ever again been found. We leave off with the vessel carrying its crew, cargo, and passengers across the Vherall Sea with hopes of finding the Aramuk shores after an easy trek. What awaits the ship and those upon it is now in the hands of fate, or possibly something much more powerful . . .

The Cursed Paladin

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